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Sell More with Retail Standards

Online retail is constantly evolving. eBay buyers have told us loud and clear what helps move them towards a sale when shopping on our platform: free standard postage, an easy return option, and delivery within 2-3 days to metro areas. Offering competitive services can also boost your visibility on search and you’ll be eligible for our velocity programs, which can significantly increase your sales and drive repeat buyers.

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What You Need to Know

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  • Stay ahead of the curve: Offer free 2-3 shipping, dispatch items in 0-1 days, and accept 30-day returns on your listings.
  • Get a headstart today: In the coming months, we’ll make further announcements on how offering these services can help you achieve more sales. Start now to increase your sales potential.
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Exceed Buyer Expectations

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You have a lot to think about when making sure your online business stays competitive. But when it comes to moving buyers to the sale (and bringing them back for more), a few key services can make the difference.

  • Provide free, 2-3 day standard shipping to metro buyers.
    • Listings with a free shipping option offered have been seen to sell up to 70% more frequently than those that don’t.*
      We’d recommend working the cost of shipping into your final price to give your items the best chance of selling.
      *Based on sold item per view conversion of listings with free shipping vs. listings with paid shipping of all eBay Australia business sellers in February 2019.
    • Buyers in metro locations expect orders within 2-3 business days.
      45% of buyers are more likely to purchase items they know they’ll receive in 2-3 days.* It’s important that you dispatch items within 0-1 business days, and add tracking to My eBay so your buyer knows their order is on its way.
      *Paypal mCommerce Index Trends Report 2017.
  • Offer an Express delivery option. Offering a reasonably-priced upgrade to Express shipping, and charging for just the difference of the upgrade ($4 for up to 3kg in metro areas), drives more buyers to your listings and can help you sell more.
  • Accept returns for 30-days. Sellers who started offering 30-day free remorse returns saw an average increase of 26% in sales with a negligible impact on their returns volumes. This jumps to 37% for sellers who offered 60-day free returns*.
    *Conversion lift seen based on January 2018 eBay Australia data.
  • Upload valid tracking to My eBay. 78% of shoppers expect regular parcel tracking updates*. Uploading tracking gives buyers more visibility, and helps us protect you if something goes wrong.

    You can add tracking through an API, if you have an integration partner, or directly in My eBay.
    *The State of Shipping in Commerce 2017, Temando
  • Add the postcode of your item’s location in the postcode field when listing. This will allow our algorithm to provide accurate, and often faster, delivery estimates to buyers, which helps move them towards a pruchase. We know that getting orders to some of the more remote areas of Australia can take longer. You can also set rate tables to specify different postage options and guarantees based on your buyers’ region.
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New eBay Plus Dashboard

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Sellers with eBay Plus listings will soon have access to a new dashboard. You’ll be able to see how many of your eBay Plus orders have valid tracking and 0-1 day handling time, as well as your return response rate. Remember you can also sort your eBay Plus orders in the “Orders” tab within Seller Hub. You can filter by “All Orders” Or “Awaiting Postage.”




How Do You Benefit?

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The benefits to offering these services isn’t limited to your buyers. There are plenty of perks for your business as well. By adopting these best practices, your listings may perform better in eBay search.

It also means you may be eligible for our onsite and offsite marketing activities, like our retail promotions, as well as our velocity programs like eBay Plus, eBay Premium Service, and eBay Guaranteed Delivery. Earning these program badges on your listings helps you stand out, and drives more buyers to your eBay listings.

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