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Strengthening our Delivery

We continue to help Aussie sellers by providing you with a platform that brings more buyers to you. As a reminder, eBay Guaranteed Delivery (eGD) is now available to all buyers and we’ve made it easier than ever to participate in the program.

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What You Need to Know

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  • eBay Guaranteed Delivery is now visible to all buyers and we’ve made it easier than ever to participate in the program with simpler eligibility requirements, more support and a dashboard coming soon.
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eBay Guaranteed Delivery Available to All Buyers

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As announced in the Winter 2018 Seller Update, eBay Guaranteed Delivery (eGD) is now visible to all buyers.

eBay Guaranteed Delivery has set the new delivery standard on eBay. As buyers’ expectations are continuously evolving, providing fast, accurate and reliable delivery now represents the norm in online retail. By simply offering buyers guaranteed delivery of an item in 4 days or less, you could increase your sales potential and customer satisfaction. Based on recent data, Australian shoppers are 45% more likely to purchase if they know the item will arrive in 2-3 days*.

We’ve also made it easier than ever to participate in eBay Guaranteed Delivery:

  • Simpler eligibility requirements: We’ve removed offering change of mind returns and immediate pay as requirements of the program, so that you can associate even more of your inventory with eGD.
  • More support: Sendle is supporting eGD through the Sendle 2 Day Delivery Guarantee program, so you have confidence that your items will be delivered within two days**.
  • Enhanced protections: From now till 31 Dec 2018, we’re also offering the following for all new sellers for the initial 3 months after opting in:
    • Increased Late Shipment Rate (LSR) maximum allowance of 10%***
    • eGD Late Delivery Protection from paying for buyer claims.
  • New eGD dashboard coming soon: Available soon in the Seller Hub, you’ll easily monitor how your eGD transactions are performing in real time, ensuring your items are delivered to your buyers on time, every time.

*Paypal mCommerce Index Trends Report Australia 2017
**Sendle’s terms and conditions apply
***eBay Guaranteed Delivery terms and conditions apply


eBay Guaranteed Delivery items that can be delivered in three days or less are highlighted through an exclusive Guaranteed Delivery toggle. Buyers also have the option to filter their search results to display only items that can be delivered in four days or less, so offering guaranteed delivery timeframes can provide you with greater visibility and prominence in search results.



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Retiring Fast ‘N Free

As eBay Guaranteed Delivery is now the new delivery standard that buyers expect, the Fast ‘N Free feature has been retired. eBay Guaranteed Delivery is a premier delivery experience surpassing Fast ‘N Free. You don't need to do anything; we'll automatically add the eBay Guaranteed Delivery badge to eligible listings.

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How Do You Benefit?

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  • Increased sales potential – You could experience sales growth by providing buyers with fast, accurate and reliable delivery timeframes
  • Greater visibility – Increased visibility through a delivery speed filter and an exclusive Guaranteed Delivery toggle
  • Additional support – We have a dedicated eBay Guaranteed Delivery support team to assist you through the program
  • More control – You can select the regions you wish to guarantee and select which items you want to make eligible.
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What You Need to Do

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If you'd like to offer eBay Guaranteed Delivery, simply follow these steps:

  1. Check you meet the requirements, such as:
    • Above Standard or eBay Top Rated seller
  2. Opt in to eBay Guaranteed Delivery (or register your interest)
  3. Use our updated postage rate tables. Postage rate tables are a key requirement to be a part of the eBay Guaranteed Delivery program. Set your handling cut-offs times and specify the speed (incl. handling time) in which you can deliver to each region. This will give you more control and provide more accurate delivery timeframes to buyers.
  4. Associate the listings you want to guarantee with your postage rate tables. This can be done:
    • At a listing level
    • Using our bulk editor
    • Using business policies (if you have them)

If you’re using an integration partner, please make sure you check that the updates to your postage rate tables and/or business policies are transferred from your account. For a guide on how to create and manage listings for eBay Guaranteed Delivery using eBay APIs, please download our API Integration Playbook for eBay Guaranteed Delivery.

For more information, watch our short video on eBay Guaranteed Delivery.

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Tips for Optimisation

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If you already have or are considering enabling eBay Guaranteed Delivery, here are a few tips on how you can optimise your delivery performance:

  • Review and adjust your postage rate tables against your carrier delivery zones to ensure you're not overpromising on delivery speed, especially during peak periods.
  • Ensure you're uploading validated tracking information (no typos on carrier names or missing information) on time.
  • Set up same-day handling cut-off times for more control.
  • Focus on inventory where you think buyers will want fast delivery (such as fashion and tech).
  • Associate more listings and enable more regions with eBay Guaranteed Delivery to increase your product offering and potential buyer base.
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eBay Guaranteed Delivery Support

Don't forget, we're here to help! If you require further assistance and ongoing support with your eBay Guaranteed Delivery listings, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated eGD Support Team.

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When is This Happening?

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eBay Guaranteed Delivery is visible to all Australian buyers. Don't miss out on your opportunity to increase your sales potential. Opt-in now to see how you can optimise your delivery performance.

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Read more eBay Guaranteed Delivery FAQs.