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eBay Stores and Features Updates

To provide you with a platform that drives conversion and enables strong sales growth, we’re updating eBay Stores to further enhance the shopping experience and improve site security.

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What You Need to Know

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  • In May 2018, Storefronts with no custom content were moved to a new, fully secured and mobile-enabled template
  • Starting late June 2018, we’ll redirect eBay Stores with custom content to a newly dedicated URL. This is to maintain HTTPS security across our sites
  • Later this year, eBay Stores with custom pages will be moved to the new template. Stores with custom storefronts will be migrated in 2019
  • Most eBay Stores features will be migrated to Seller Hub, but some tools will be discontinued as they are either outdated or have been integrated into Seller Hub.
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eBay Stores Updates

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As announced in the Autumn 2018 Seller Update, we’re optimising eBay Stores as part of our ongoing commitment in providing you with the most powerful selling platform. The new eBay Stores experience will enhance the shopping experience and provide improved search engine & site security.

We'll continue to provide all the tools and features you need to manage your Store within the new experience. Starting in June 2018, the new experience will provide eBay Stores subscribers with:

  • New merchandising placements
  • HTTPS compliance
  • Store customisation abilities (adding a logo, description, billboard images and custom categories)
  • Improved Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Enhanced mobile experience

Earlier this month, Storefronts with no custom content were migrated to the new experience. Starting late June 2018, to maintain the 'Secure' label as provided by Google, all Stores with custom content will have a new URL which will look like this:

Your Store's previous URL will be automatically redirected to the new URL – you don't need to do anything.

Stores with custom pages will be moved to the new, fully secured and mobile-enabled template later this year. Stores with custom storefronts will be updated to the new experience in 2019.


What you need to do:

If your Store doesn't have any custom content, it should have already been migrated to the new eBay Stores experience.

If your Store has custom content, it will also be migrated to the new eBay Stores experience automatically, but at a later date. If you'd like to enjoy the new experience earlier, click the publish button or here's how to opt in:

  1. From your storefront, select Manage Store, or from the Marketing tab in Seller Hub, go to Manage your brand > Edit Store.
  2. Select the Custom Pages link on the left navigation bar. (If you don't see the Custom Pages link, you can skip the rest.)
  3. If you have any "Active Pages", select Deactivate for each.
  4. Under the Store Homepage section, select All your listings, then select Apply.
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eBay Store Management Features in Seller Hub

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As we're continuing to make significant investments in the new experience, the eBay Stores management features you find most valuable and useful will be migrated across to Seller Hub. Our ambition for Seller Hub is to provide you with everything your business needs to sell and grow. However, on our journey towards a more secure experience, some features will change location, be replaced or discontinued.

You'll still have access to eBay's promotional tools through your eBay Stores subscription, including Promoted listings and Promotions Manager. Later in the year, we'll be making further improvements to the Marketing tab in Seller Hub to bring you more tools to connect with buyers and increase your sales and conversions.

The table below outlines the upcoming changes to Store management tools:
What's changing Starting 25 June 2018
Migrating to Seller Hub Store Summary
  Sales Reports
  Store Newsletters
  Traffic Reports
  Listing Frame
Discontinuing Search Engine Keywords
  HTML Builder
  Promotional Flyer
  Favourite Seller Top Picks
  RSS Feeds


If you don’t have a subscription, but are interested in the benefits that eBay Stores can bring to your business, you can subscribe here. Learn more about eBay Stores.

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