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eBay Plus

We’ve launched eBay Plus, a buyer-facing program that gives members exclusive deals and member-only features. Benefits include free delivery and free returns on eBay's biggest range of products, premium customer service and more. Sellers can also see a range of benefits from having their listings qualify for eBay Plus.

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What you Need to Know

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  • As we continue to partner with sellers, we’re launching eBay Plus to attract more buyers and help sellers grow their businesses
  • eBay Plus will provide a premium shopping experience to members.
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eBay Plus - The Premium Shopping Experience

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At eBay, our commitment is to bring more buyers to you and remain the best place to grow your business.

eBay Plus is a feature-packed membership, unlocking a premium shopping experience for buyers. With a free 30-day trial and membership costing just $49 per year, eBay Plus members can expect to enjoy:

  • Free delivery on Plus items
  • Free returns on Plus items
  • Bonus flybuys points
  • Exclusive offers and deals
  • Premium customer service

Listings qualifying for the Plus experience will show an exclusive eBay Plus logo. When this badge is displayed, eBay Plus members will have the confidence of knowing that this item could be delivered and returned for free.

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How Do Sellers Benefit?

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If your listings qualify for eBay Plus, you can expect to benefit from:

  • Prominence in search results – eBay Plus listings will be highlighted through a search filter. An exclusive eBay Plus badge will also be displayed
  • Extensive marketing – The program as well as eBay Plus listings will be advertised through eBay’s extensive marketing and retail activities
  • No additional fees to participate in the program – We won’t charge you any  additional fees (including final value fees) to display the Plus logo on your listings.
  • Potentially increased sales as:
    • 68%* of shoppers would shop more online if there’s free delivery
    • 45%* of shoppers would shop more online if free and easy returns were offered

*Temando The State of Shipping in Commerce 2017, Australia.

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What Will Buyers See?

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All eBay Plus listings can be found through a special eBay Plus filter found in the left hand navigation. The listing will also display an exclusive eBay Plus badge.


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What You Need to Do

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We will automatically opt in listings offering a best-in-class retail experience on eBay, including the best customer experience. Criteria to be part of the program include (but are not limited to):

  • Sellers who are Above Standard or eBay Top Rated (eTRS)
  • New and fixed priced listings
  • Returns are accepted
  • The item is located in Australia
  • Item is non-bulky or heavy.
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When is it Happening?

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We’ve started our phased roll-out. The full program will be available to all buyers by late June 2018.
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