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Better Shopping Experience

As we continue on our multi-year journey towards a product-based shopping experience, we’re extending the eBay catalogue requirement to an additional 12 categories.

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What you Need to Know

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  • With your support, we’re continuing our journey to a new, improved shopping experience that meets the expectations of buyers today
  • We started with a small number of product lines. Now, we’re inviting you to list using the eBay catalogue if you sell in a further 12 categories
  • Starting in August 2018, you’ll be able to suggest new catalogue entries, as well as improvements to existing entries
  • From September 2018, if you’re selling in these categories, you won’t be able to publish new or revised listings without matching to the eBay catalogue
  • Starting in October 2018, we’ll no longer display listings in the new categories in search reswordltiults if they aren’t yet associated with our catalogue.
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Expansion of the Product-Based Shopping Experience

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As announced in the Autumn 2018 Seller Update, we’re continuing to transform our marketplace to make eBay the first choice for online shoppers by transitioning towards a product-based shopping experience.

Our multi-year journey began when we welcomed the first phase of the transition starting with an initial list of product lines that required matching with the eBay catalogue. Now, we’re getting ready to take the next step in this journey together by extending this requirement to an additional 12 categories.

Our mission is to bring more buyers to you so that you can drive your sales, and this expansion is incremental in providing a simpler, cleaner and more efficient shopping experience that buyers expect. The new shopping experience will mean a reduction in listing time and an improvement to the accuracy and value of the competitive guidance we provide you.

This August, we’ll invite you to help us create a catalogue that best reflects the products you sell, by suggesting new product entries and improvements to existing ones. You’re the expert about the products you sell and your insight will ensure that your products are accurately represented to buyers in the ways you’d expect.

These are the next categories which will require the eBay catalogue. You can start updating your listings now – you'll see recommendations in Seller Hub.

  1. Cardio Equipment
  2. Cell Phones & Smartphones
  3. Computers/Tablets, Networking Tablets & eBook Readers
  4. Humidifiers
  5. Major Appliances  
  6. Portable Fans
  7. Portable & Space Heaters
  8. Programmable Thermostats
  9. Small Kitchen Appliances
  10. TVs
  11. Video & Home Audio: Internet & Media Streamers
  12. Voice-Enabled Smart Assistants

From September, you won't be able to publish new or revised listings in these categories without using the eBay catalogue. And from October, listings in these categories that aren't associated with the catalogue won't be displayed in search results.


What is the new product-based shopping experience?
Search results are grouped together by product to help buyers quickly find the item they’re looking for.


Product pages display selection, value and a range of item conditions available on eBay—new items, refurbished items, auctions and more, along with reviews. The ‘Our Pick' for an item will be determined based on factors including price, seller standards, postage service and return options.


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What You Need to Do

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From Mid-August - If you sell inventory in the above categories, you’ll need to begin matching your listings with the eBay catalogue. We’ll provide you with the ability to suggest improvements to the catalogue for products that you feel aren’t accurately described, or are missing critical information. You’ll also be able to suggest new products to the catalogue if you feel your inventory isn’t represented. In both cases, we’ll review and respond to your suggestions, generally within 24 hours.

From September - You’ll need to associate your Good ‘Til Cancelled listings with the eBay catalogue in the categories above. Otherwise, your products won’t be visible to buyers. You also won’t be able to successfully revise an existing listing or complete a new one if you don’t use the eBay catalogue.

The new product-based shopping experience will become the default experience for the chosen categories and will only display listings associated with a product in the eBay catalogue. We’ll continue to expand the product-based shopping experience to new categories later in the year and we’ll provide you with advance notice to help you prepare.


Here’s what you’ll see from August:

Create a new product entry:


Send us feedback on a product entry:


Tell us what needs changing about a product entry:

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How to Associate Your Listings with the eBay Catalogue

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For guidance on how to associate your listings with the eBay catalogue, please see the FAQs below for more information. There’s also a great tool to help you identify listings that requires updating.

Seller Hub will show recommendations on product associations for your listings to help you with your revisions. If you’re using our APIs, you will find similar guidance using our Catalogue API. We’re working with service providers to ensure they enable these recommendations, along with the ability to make suggestions to the eBay catalogue.

You can also access our Developer’s Playbook here and if you’re using a third-party developer, please contact them for details on how to associate your listings with the eBay catalogue.

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When Will This Happen?

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  • July 2018: Bulk listing tools will be available to you to aid you in associating your items with the eBay catalogue
  • Mid-August 2018: Listings that sell inventory in the above categories will require matching with the eBay catalogue
  • September 2018: You will no longer be able to successfully complete a new listing or revise an existing listing without using the eBay catalogue.

If you haven't selected a product from the catalogue, you'll see an error message such as this one:

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How Do You Benefit?

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  • Faster and simpler listing process
  • Meeting buyers’ expectations
  • Buyers will be able to more easily find the products they’re looking for
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