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eBay User Agreement Updates

We're updating our User Agreement and policies, as well as introducing a new policy. These changes are effective from 4 April 2018 for existing users, and upon acceptance through registration for new users.

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Changes to eBay User Agreement

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We’re updating our User Agreement, including some of our policies. These changes are effective from 4 April 2018 for existing users, and upon acceptance through registration for new users. If you don’t agree with the changes, you should close your account before 4 April 2018.

You can visit the Announcement Board for a summary of key changes or view the complete terms of the revised User Agreement and policies:

New Third Party Fulfilment Policy

We don't allow third party fulfilment in situations where it could be confusing for eBay customers – such as when an eBay order is sent by another retailer or marketplace.

Our new Third Party Fulfilment policy is designed to:

  1. Avoid customer confusion and maintain the eBay customer experience for both buyers and sellers.
    eBay orders fulfilled in Australia by a third party which is a marketplace or retailer (for example Amazon) could cause customer confusion, such as:
    • When an item arrives in third party branded packaging, or contains third party promotional material,  invoices, or packing slips;
    • Buyers being contacted by the third party about their eBay order;
    • Confusion for the buyer as to which company’s customer service they should be contacting regarding their order, delivery and returns (including who they should return the item to).
  2. Protect our customers’ data against any possible use for purposes other than fulfilment.

See Policy


Update to our Seller Performance Policy

To protect our buyers and our shopping experience, we are updating our Seller Performance policy. Sellers whose level is Below Standard will be charged an additional 2% in Final Value Fees at the time the item sells. For example, a Final Value Fee would increase from 8% to 10%. Above Standard and eBay Top Rated Sellers will not be affected by this change.

We recommend you keep track of your seller performance standards via the Seller Performance Dashboard, available in Seller Hub or via My eBay.

See Policy


Update to eBay Money Back Guarantee

From 4 April 2018, in certain circumstances, eBay may automatically accept a return request on a seller’s behalf for an item that is significantly not as described and require the buyer to return the item to the seller. We will notify you when we auto-accept returns on your behalf. If the case is escalated by the buyer or the seller, eBay will still step in and review the case as outlined in our eBay Money Back Guarantee policy.

See Policy



Sellers should ensure they only promote eBay coupon codes when eBay has permitted them to do so. For example, sellers should not promote eBay coupon codes in subtitles and/or listing photos without eBay’s permission. Sellers that promote coupon codes without eBay’s permission may be charged additional fees or be subject to other action in accordance with the User Agreement.

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FAQs - Third Party Fulfilment Policy