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At eBay, our ambition with Seller Hub is to offer all you need to sell and grow in one place. With new pricing guidance, Promoted Listings enhancements and new seller metrics insights, we’re giving you all the tools to help grow your business.

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What You Need to Know

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  • Pricing guidance for underperforming listings will soon be available on the Seller Hub. Buyers are always looking for great selection at a great price, and with pricing guidance, you’ll be able to price your items at a competitive rate
  • We’re introducing new seller metrics insights, providing you with more information and visibility of how you’re performing compared with other sellers on eBay.
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Promoted Listings Enhancement

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To continue providing you with the most powerful selling platform and help you achieve the best results from your Promoted Listings campaigns, we’ve made an enhancement to the tool.

New Promoted Listings feature:

  • Trending ad rates - it has now become faster and easier to apply ad rates to all products you wish to promote.

How do you benefit?

With the new trending ad rates available for all products, it’s now faster and easier to price your items competitively. Based on our trending ad rates, we’ll provide you with recommendations on the right prices for your products, saving you time in deciding the best price, so you can focus on listing more products through Promoted Listings.

When is this happening?

The update is available now.

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New Pricing Guidance

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From March, we'll offer pricing guidance for your underperforming listings. The new guidance will be available through the Seller Hub and will provide you with price suggestions based on trending eBay prices and external market data.

Check out the Growth tab in Seller Hub, and see how you can improve your listings.

How do you benefit?

Providing competitive pricing of your listings can increase visibility in search and the chances of selling.

In fact, we’ve seen in our market overseas, that sellers who reduced their price to our suggested price or below, tripled their sales on average* (increase by 200%).

Buyers are always looking for a great selection at a great price and with pricing guidance, you’ll be able to price your items at a competitive rate and increase your sales velocity.

*eBay UK data, September 2017. Based on 3046 price revised listings from 688 sellers collected between 3 September 2017 and 9 September 2017.

When is this happening?

Pricing guidance will be available from March 2018.

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Seller Metric Insights

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We know that providing a great end-to-end customer experience, including after-sales service can help you grow your business. Starting in June 2018, we’ll provide you with additional visibility into the status of your buyers’ after-sale requests in Seller Hub, helping you identify any listings that aren’t meeting buyer expectations.

With these metrics, you’ll get more transparency so that you can continue providing a great shopping experience to your buyers:

  • You’ll see new information about transactions where buyers contacted you about items not received, and requested returns for items not as described
  • The new metrics will also show how often a seller receives these requests compared to their category average.

The new metrics and benchmarks will not affect your seller performance standards evaluation or rating. However as you already know, your seller performance standard rating and listings visibility may be affected if you don’t resolve buyer requests in a timely manner.

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