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Promotions Manager

Promotions help you sell more and more often. You’ll attract more buyers, drive your sales and see an increase in average order size. Promotions Manager makes it easy to set up and run a variety of different promotional campaigns. Plus, it’s free for all Store owners.

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Run Your Own Promotions on eBay

Buyers find sales and discounts exciting so it’s a great way to attract more shoppers to your eBay products. That’s why we created Promotions Manager, a tool that makes it easy to run promotions on eBay. It’s available for free to all Store owners.

Use Promotions Manager to apply order size discounts as well as offering codeless vouchers and promotional postage offers and running a ‘sale’ event storewide, or across specific categories.

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There are four different types of promotions that you can set up using Promotions Manager. These are; Order discounts, codeless vouchers, promotional postage and sales events.

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Type of promotion Description Example
Order Discounts Encourage larger orders by offering discounts when purchasing multiple products from you. Offer a $ or % discount on a second item or offer a free item like buy one get one free.
  • Get $15 off your second item
  • Get 50% off your second item
  • Buy two items, get a 3rd item free
Codeless Vouchers Tempt your buyers to come back with an exclusive order discount offer. The offer only appears to buyers who have the voucher link – which makes it very enticing.

You can decide to give more exposure by promoting the link through social media, websites, eBay Stores or as a way to say thank you to recent buyers.
  • 30% off voucher exclusive to Store subscribers
  • 10% voucher exclusive to Facebook followers
Promotional Postage Promotional postage rules will automatically be highlighted on items that qualify for your promotional postage offer.
  • Free postage on all Sunglasses
  • Spend over $75 and get free postage
Sales Events Merchandise reduced or special priced items on a Sale Event:
If you already have markdown manager or strike-through pricing promotions, use a sale event to highlight your discounted range.
  • A special page for Clearance items
  • Christmas decorations sale



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  • Attract more buyers
  • Clear old stock
  • Cross sale complementary products or accessories
  • Increase your average order size
  • Lower postage costs while increasing margins through bundled orders
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  1. Sign into My eBay - all promotions are accessible from your seller account.
  2. Access Promotions Manager through Seller Hub.
  3. Choose a promotion - set the conditions, choose the items to include and start or schedule your promotions.
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Markdown Manager (MDM) is a tool used by sellers to put items on sale by temporarily discounting them. While it's always been a standalone product, we're now merging this discounting capability into Promotions Manager.

MDM is being merged with Sale Events so that you can discount and merchandise in one easy step. Just go to the Promotions Manager dashboard and choose Sale Events and Markdown from the Create a promotion drop-down.

We're making these changes helps us ensure we keep offering the best tools that sellers continue use and love.

The new MDM experience is now available. Sellers will not need to do anything, they will be automatically opted-in to the new MDM experience.

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Friendly Reminder

For your item to be on sale, the item has to be have been listed for at least 7 days, not had a price change for at least 7 days, and not been in another markdown sale for at least 7 days.

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