Time Away Settings

Time Away settings have replaced the functionality of holiday settings, to give you more flexibility when taking a break from your eBay business. You can schedule your time away and we’ll adjust your handling times and estimated delivery dates accordingly

Key Dates

From late September 2020

You can use the new Time Away settings when you need to take a break from your eBay business

What you Need to Know

The new Time Away settings replaces the current holiday settings for eBay Stores. These new settings will be available to all sellers and will help you better schedule time away from running your eBay business. It will also help improve the shopping experience of buyers who may still want to purchase your products.

Currently, you have two options in your holiday settings for your eBay Store:

  1. Hide fixed price listings from search, so that buyers can no longer find and purchase those items; or
  2. Keep fixed price listings visible, so that buyers can continue to purchase the items, but will be notified that you are temporarily away.

With Time Away you have two settings: 

  1. Hide fixed price listings from search for 1 to 30 days; or 
  2. Keep listings visible with a notice that you're away for 1 to 15 days.

Benefits of the new Time Away settings:

  • Unlike the current Store holiday settings, the new Time Away settings will be available to all sellers. 
  • You can hide and resurface your listings close to real time to minimise time  delays.
  • You can schedule Time Away from your eBay Store so you can plan ahead. If you schedule Time Away in advance:
    • We’ll adjust handling times and estimated delivery dates on your listings accordingly; and
    • We’ll automatically remove any negative Feedback related to postage issues or delays when Time Away settings are turned on, provided you post any items by the updated handling times.

If you need to take unexpected time off, you can set your Time Away to start immediately and, if you choose this option, your handling time will be extended and your listings will be hidden. Listings will take a maximum of 1-2 hours to be hidden or made visible when using the Time Away settings. 

Buyers can still send you messages while you’re away, but you can choose to set up an automatic response. You must remember to fulfil any prior selling obligations, including posting any sold items.

Next Steps

From late September 2020, you’ll be able to access the new Time Away functionality by going to Account Settings > Selling > Time Away