Promoted Listings Updates

We’ve updated the eligibility criteria for the Promoted Listings tool. We’ve also made improvements to make it easier for you to set-up and track the performance of your campaigns.

Key Dates

July - August 2020 

  • Launched improvements to the Promoted Listings tool to make it easier to set-up and measure the success of your campaigns 

From 1 September 2020 

  • Only Above Standard and Top Rated sellers are eligible for Promoted Listings

What you Need to Know

Changes to Promoted Listings Eligibility 

From 1 September, we began restricting Promoted Listings eligibility to Above Standard and Top Rated sellers. If you fall Below Standard you will have access to a ‘read-only’ version of the Promoted Listings Dashboard. You will no longer be able to create or edit campaigns and any existing campaigns will be automatically paused. You will still be able to view your campaign data and download reports.

What to do if you Fall Below Standard

To restore access to Promoted Listings, you will need to improve your seller performance rating to either Above Standard or Top Rated. When your performance rating improves, your campaigns will be automatically unpaused and you will again be able to create, edit and publish new and existing Promoted Listings campaigns.  

We’ll let you know if you fall Below Standard and provide targeted guidance on how to improve your performance rating via email and notifications in your Promoted Listings Dashboard. You can also check your seller performance at any time on your Seller Dashboard.

Why We’re Making This Change

This change is a crucial step towards improving the overall quality of Promoted Listings on eBay. Items that use Promoted Listings appear in some of the most prominent and visible locations on eBay, so it’s important that the buyers see items sold by sellers who are meeting our standards and are providing a great shopping experience.

Recommended Listings

In July 2020, we updated how we identify listings that will perform best and how we provide you with recommended items for your Promoted Listings campaigns. These recommendations are personalised and based on trends in the marketplace as well as historical performance. We now also display recommended items at the top of the listing selection flow for your campaigns.

The new Suggested ad Rate

From August 2020, we began showing you a suggested ad rate instead of the trending rate when creating Promoted Listings campaigns. 

While the trending rate was designed to provide you with a sense of how other sellers were setting ad rates for similar items, the new suggested ad rate will provide you with personalised recommendations to help you find the optimal ad rate for each item. The suggested ad rate is based on many factors including item specifics, past performance, seasonality and current competition.

Setting Your ad Rate

We’ve made it easier for you to select your ad rate strategy for Promoted Listings campaigns when selecting your listings either individually or in bulk. 

We’ve also added more options to your ad rate strategy selection when selecting your listings in bulk. You can now add an ad rate cap to your selection and adjust it above or below the suggested ad rate.

The new Promoted Listings Dashboard

We’ve launched a new Promoted Listings Dashboard to simplify how you measure the performance of your campaigns. You can either deep-dive into your marketing performance or see results at a glance to determine what is best for your business.

We’ve made a number of improvements:

  • Overview metrics: Quickly understand your performance using new metrics and see the overall health of your ad campaigns.
  • Organic performance: Compare your Promoted Listings and organic performance in one place.
  • Visualise your data: Toggle between Campaigns, Metrics and Time Period filters to visualise your performance trends over time and analyse the effectiveness of campaign changes.
  • Control campaigns: Create, edit, pause or end campaigns all in the new Dashboard.

Next Steps

  • Check your seller performance on your Seller Dashboard to ensure you’re eligible for Promoted Listings. If you’re Below Standard, you’ll see clear, actionable guidance on how to get back on track.
  • Explore the new Promoted Listings Dashboard and try out the latest enhancements to the tool.