Growth Tool Enhancements

We've enhanced our growth tools to help you take your eBay business to the next level. This includes improvements to the Terapeak research tool, allowing you to automate Offers to buyers and an improved Seller Hub sales report.

Key Dates

From Now

  • Terapeak Research: You can now use the Terapeak Research tool* to search active listings and search results will now include item specifics information
  • Multi-User Account Access tool: You can delegate use of the Terapeak tool to other eBay users 
  • New sales report in Seller Hub: Download the improved sales report for more detailed insights 

From early September

  • Terapeak: You will start to see Terapeak Research insights in your Seller Hub listing flow 

By the end of September 

  • Offers to buyers: Automate how you send offers to buyers

What you Need to Know

Automate Offers to Buyers 

Sending offers to buyers is a great way to help drive sales and buyer loyalty for your eBay Store. By the end of September, you’ll be able save time by setting up automated campaigns to send offers to buyers who have shown interest in your items.  When creating a campaign, you’ll set the number of buyers you send offers to daily, as well as the offer amount. You can set up and cancel your campaigns at any time on the Manage Offers page in Seller Hub.

Learn more about sending offers

Terapeak Research Improvements

We’ve added new features to the Terapeak tool on the Seller Hub Research tab to help you collect essential business and market insights. 

  • Active listings: As well as having the ability to search sold listings, you can now use Terapeak to search millions of active listings by keyword or product identifier.
  • Item specifics in search results: When searching for items, your search results will now include item specifics. It’s also possible to add different item specifics filters to narrow your search.
  • Thumbnail view of items: When viewing items in your search results, you can now roll over the listing image for a clearer thumbnail view of the item.
  • Multi-User Account Access: Sellers with access to Terapeak can now delegate access rights to other eBay member accounts to carry out research on their behalf.

Terapeak Insights in the Listing Flow

All eBay sellers will soon be able to access key Terapeak insights when listing an item such as the average sold price and the individual price per listing that sold. This will be available from early September.

We’ve Enhanced the Seller Hub Performance tab

We recently launched a new sales report in Seller Hub which allows you to:


  • Download per listing sales and eBay fee data 
  • Generate sales reports based on predefined time frames including quarterly, month-to-month and year-to-year for easy comparison
  • If you use Promoted Listings, you can now see the percentage of sales generated by using the tool
  • See your sales broken down by item price and postage paid by the buyer
  • Filter sales to show those with and without a postage cost

Next Steps

  • Try the new offers to buyers automation
  • Explore the enhanced Terapeak tool in the Seller Hub Research tab and look out for Terapeak insights in the listing flow
  • Start using the improved Seller Hub sales report to gain deeper insights into your eBay business 

*Free access to Terapeak is limited to sellers with an eBay Store Subscription.  Learn more about Terapeak here.