Updates to eBay Plus

We’re continuing to deliver benefits and drive sales for sellers with eBay Plus-badged listings. As we retire the eBay Premium Service badge, the eBay Plus badge will become the primary seller badge on ebay.com.au.

Key Dates

From July 2020

  • We started phasing out the eBay Premium Service badge

From 1 September 2020

  • We’re offering exclusive fee credits for enabling and promoting eBay Plus listings

What you Need to Know

Enabling the eBay Plus Badge 

Not only is the eBay Plus badge a trust signal for shoppers, it’s also a strong sales and marketing tool. By meeting the eBay Plus criteria and offering a retail standard shopping experience, your listings may also be ranked higher in search.

Listings with an eBay Plus badge see up to 16%* more sales on eBay than those without. eBay Plus members visit ebay.com.au up to 5x** more and spend up to 6x*** more than other eBay buyers.

You can choose to enable an eBay Plus badge on some or all of your listings. The criteria include:

  • 0-1 day Handling
  • 30+ day returns 
  • A reasonably priced express postage option to metro areas 
  • Valid tracking for eBay Plus orders 
Learn more about the criteria

The eBay Premium Service Badge

The eBay Plus badge will soon become the primary seller badge on eBay.com.au, by highlighting listings that offer great delivery options and top-level service that buyers can trust.

The eBay Premium Service badge has already been removed from search pages and will be removed from listing pages in early 2021.  The eBay Premium Service badge criteria are similar to the eBay Plus badge criteria. If your listings have the eBay Premium Service badge you should be offering:

  • Free domestic postage
  • 0-1 day handling 
  • 30+ day returns 
  • An express postage option

To enable the eBay Plus badge on your listings, all you have to do is ensure that you’re also:

  • Offering a reasonably priced express postage option
  • Uploading valid tracking for your eBay Plus orders

Why We’re Making This Change

By consolidating our badging on-site, we’re giving buyers a more consistent and compelling shopping experience. It also makes selling simpler, as there is only one set of criteria you need to meet in order to be recognised and rewarded for providing great service.

You Always get Rewarded With eBay Plus

 As a seller with eBay Plus listings, you get rewarded with exclusive benefits including:

  • Access to eBay’s most engaged shoppers 
  • Up to $4 from eBay towards your express postage upgrade cost 
  • Increased visibility on eBay with the eBay Plus badge in eBay search, on listing pages and at checkout
  • Automatic inclusion in eBay Plus exclusive onsite marketing and merchandising to drive sales 
  • Increased seller protections on eBay Plus-badged listings

On top of these benefits, we’re also offering fee credits to some sellers who enable the eBay Plus badge on their listings and promote eBay Plus-badged listings using Promoted Listings. Check your My Promotions section in Seller Hub to see if you’re eligible.

Next Steps

  • Update your listings to enable the eBay Plus badge 
  • Check if you’re eligible for our fee credits