Changes to Email Address Visibility on eBay

We’re changing the visibility of email addresses on eBay to provide you and your buyers added privacy and protection when you send messages to each other.

Key Dates

From mid-September 2020

  • When buying or selling on eBay, most eBay users will see an alias email address for their trading partners. 
  • You’ll still be able to send messages to your buyers, but you won’t see their actual email address, instead you’ll see an alias.

What you Need to Know

Changes to how you communicate with your buyers 

To protect all our customers’ privacy and combat spam and phishing attacks, we’ll show most buyers and sellers an alias email address for each other on eBay orders. This is a global change that will apply to a majority of eBay’s sites.

Starting in mid-September, you’ll still be able to send messages to your buyers both directly and via eBay, but instead of their actual email address, you’ll see an alias email address. Your email address will also be shown as an alias address to your buyers. 

eBay will still provide all the necessary information for you to communicate with your buyers to answer questions and finalise orders. We also have onsite tools to help you with the selling process and resolve issues such as unpaid items or cancellations, and manage any returns, refunds or ‘Item not received’ requests.

When responding to buyers’ questions or if you need to get in touch with your buyer, we recommend you use eBay Messages so that you have a record of the correspondence within your eBay account.

Maintaining Privacy on eBay

As part of maintaining the privacy of all eBay users, we also want to remind you that any buyer information eBay provides you (including email addresses and phone numbers) must only be used for the purposes it is provided to you. 

This is all set out in eBay’s User Agreement and also covers buyers’ use of your information.

Next Steps

We recommend you use My Messages on eBay to communicate with your buyers.