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Move & Rename

Cat NameCat IDComment
+Alcohol & Food14308 
+Books, Magazines267 
  Business Cards20161 
 +Websites & Businesses for Sale11759 
 +Cash Register & Accessories71465 
 +Office Furniture11828 
 +Office Equipment50203 
  Overhead Projectors67094 
 +Postal Supplies19273 
  Paper Cutters112410 
 +Photocopier Accessories, Parts67076 
 +Printing Equipment26238 
  Sealing Machines11808 
 -Shop Equipment11890 
   Coin Counters46707 
   Gift Boxes67696Moved from [Jewellery Boxes & Organisers-10321]
   Price Guns109421 
   Price Labels109419 
   Shopping Trolleys, Baskets71483 
   Tag Guns109422 
 +Telephone Systems11907 
 +Vending Machine Accessories170643 
  Vending Machines25389 
  Water Coolers116674 
  Wholesale, Bulk Lots3258 
+Cars, Bikes, Boats9800 
-Clothing, Shoes, Accessories11450 
 +Adult Unisex155184 
 +Boy's Accessories57881 
 +Boy's Clothing11452 
  Boy's Shoes57929 
 +Children's Unisex Clothing155198 
  Children's Unisex Shoes155202 
 +Clothing, Shoe Care106121 
 +Girl's Accessories15628 
 +Girl's Clothing11462 
  Girl's Shoes57974 
 +Men's Accessories4250 
 +Men's Clothing1059 
 +Men's Shoes93427 
  Men's Sunglasses79720 
  -Bridal Accessories106127 
    Belts & Sashes180249New Category
    Garters15718Relocated within Parent
    Hair Accessories163560 
    Veils, Tiaras15719 
   Bridal Shoes105471 
   Bridesmaids' & Formal Dresses175633 
   Groom, Ushers105508 
   Wedding Dresses15720 
 +Women's Accessories4251 
  Women's Bags169291 
 +Women's Clothing15724 
 +Women's Lingerie, Intimates11514 
 +Women's Shoes3034 
  Women's Sunglasses45246 
 +Wholesale, Bulk Lots41964 
+Computers/Tablets & Networking58058 
 +Art Supplies11783 
  Candle, Soap Making28114 
  Card Making134594 
 +Ceramics, Pottery28121 
 +Craft Books, Magazines166018 
 -Crocheting & Knitting3094New Category
   Crochet Hooks28140New Category
   Crochet Kits108867New Category
   Crochet Thread83906Moved from [Crochet-82721]
   Fastenings & Tools160708New Category
   Knitting Boards & Looms113343New Category
   Knitting Kits108868New Category
   Knitting Needles71215New Category
  -Machine Knitting146370New Category
    Knitting Machines28146Moved from [Knitting-3103] Renamed from [Machines]
    Machine Knitting Patterns146375New Category
    Machine Knitting Yarn146378New Category
    Machine Parts & Needles146376New Category
    Other Machine Knitting146377New Category
  -Patterns-Contemporary41228Moved from [Crochet-82721] Renamed from [Crochet Patterns]
    Afghan Patterns11797Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Baby Patterns41229Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Clothing Patterns11798Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Doily Patterns41230Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Doll Clothing Patterns41231Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Doll, Toy Patterns41232Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Home D�cor Patterns41233Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Mixed Patterns41234Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Other Crochet Patterns3095Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
   Patterns-Vintage150135New Category
   Totes & Cases83927New Category
  -Yarn36589Moved from [Knitting-3103]
    Acrylic36590Combined into [Yarn-36589]
    Alpaca36591Combined into [Yarn-36589]
    Cashmere36594Combined into [Yarn-36589]
    Cotton36595Combined into [Yarn-36589]
    Handspun, Handpainted83944Combined into [Yarn-36589]
    Mohair36596Combined into [Yarn-36589]
    Nylon98642Combined into [Yarn-36589]
    Silk36598Combined into [Yarn-36589]
    Wool36599Combined into [Yarn-36589]
    Yarn Kits71222Combined into [Knitting Kits-108868]
    Mixed Materials37577Combined into [Yarn-36589]
    Other75569Combined into [Yarn-36589]
   Other Crocheting & Knitting954Moved from [Crochet-82721] Renamed from [Other Crochet]
 -Crochet82721Combined into [Crocheting & Knitting-3094]
   Crochet Books170315Combined into [Books-166019]
 +Cross Stitch3091 
 +Fabric Embellishments31727 
  Floral Supplies3097 
  Glass Art Crafts3099 
 -Handcrafted Arts71183 
   Candles, Holders121831 
   Crocheted Doilies83907Moved from [Crochet-82721]
   Cushions, Pillows83902 
   Finished Needlearts170300 
   Handpainted Items71186 
   Handpainted Signs116650 
   Special Occasion113339 
   Wall Hangings83904 
   Wood Items108866 
 +Kids' Arts, Crafts116652 
 -Knitting3103Combined into [Crocheting & Knitting-3094]
   Needles11799Combined into [Knitting Needles-71215]
  -Patterns41236Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Adults Clothes128945Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Afghans, Throws41237Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Baby, Childrens Items41238Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Doll Items71219Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Hats, Scarves, Mittens41239Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Jumpers41241Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Ponchos83929Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Socks, Slippers41240Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
    Other Patterns83930Combined into [Patterns-Contemporary-41228]
   Other Knitting1362Combined into [Other Crocheting & Knitting-954]
 +Lace, Lacemaking134590 
 +Paper Crafts, Origami37578 
 +Spinning, Weaving158361 
 +Tapestry, Needlepoint3104 
  Vintage Craft Items153204 
  Wholesale, Lots45077 
  Other Crafts75576 
+Dolls, Bears237 
 Gift Cards172009 
-Health & Beauty26395 
 +Bath & Body11838 
 -Dental & Oral Care31769 
   Air & Water Flossers30354New Category
   Children's Oral Care159757 
   Dental Floss & Flossers159758Renamed from [Dental Floss]
   Denture Care48080New Category
   Mouthwash180266New Category
   Teeth Whitening113913New Category
   Teeth Whitening31771Combined into [Teeth Whitening-113913]
   Toothbrush Replacement Heads99654New Category
   Toothpaste67422Relocated within Parent
   Tongue Cleaners180267New Category
   Systems & Kits108691Combined into [Other-11843]
  Dietary Supplements, Nutrition19259 
  Fragrances26396Combined into [Women-11848]
 -Fragrances180345New Category
   Children159719New Category
   Men29585New Category
   Women11848New Category
   Unisex112661New Category
 -Hair Care11854 
   Brushes & Combs11855 
   Curling & Straightening Irons177659Relocated within Parent
   Hair Colouring31412 
   Hair Crimpers148164Combined into [Curling & Straightening Irons-177659]
   Hair Dryers11858 
   Hair Loss Treatments31413 
   Hair Ties82591New Category
   Hair Ties112560Combined into [Hair Ties-82591]
   Perms166738New Category
   Rollers, Curlers36407Relocated within Parent
   Serum & Oils177660New Category
   Shampoo & Conditioning177661Relocated within Parent
   Smoothing & Straightening177662New Category
   Styling Products11860Relocated within Parent
   Sets & Kits31788New Category
   Travel, Sample Sizes72801Relocated within Parent
   Other177658Relocated within Parent
   Salon Equipment117337Combined into [Other-177741]
   Treatments106255Combined into [Smoothing & Straightening-177662]
  Hair Extensions175636 
 -Health Care67588New Category
   Ear Care179842Moved from [Medical, Mobility & Disability-11778]
   Feminine Hygiene67590Moved from [Bath & Body-11838]
   First Aid75033Moved from [Medical, Mobility & Disability-11778]
   Foot Care178966New Category
   Pill Boxes75041New Category
   Relaxation Aids40100New Category
  +Sexual Wellness36434Moved from [Health & Beauty-26395]
   Other67589New Category
   Body172016New Category
  -Eyes172020New Category
    Eyebrow Liner & Definition78089New Category
    Eyelash Extensions177664Moved from [Makeup-31786]
    Eyeliner31787Moved from [Makeup-31786]
    Eye Shadow36865Moved from [Makeup-31786]
    Eye Shadow Primer172021Moved from [Makeup-31786]
    Eye Shadow/Liner Combination172022New Category
    Lash Growth & Conditioner172023New Category
    Mascara11869Moved from [Makeup-31786]
    Other172024New Category
  -Face172025New Category
    BB Cream177665New Category
    Blush11864Moved from [Makeup-31786]
    Bronzers & Highlighters82596Moved from [Makeup-31786] Renamed from [Bronzers]
    Concealer11865Moved from [Makeup-31786]
    Face Powder21021Moved from [Makeup-31786]
    Foundation177666Moved from [Makeup-31786]
    Foundation Primer95216Moved from [Makeup-31786]
    Other172026New Category
  -Lips172027New Category
    Lip Gloss31802Moved from [Makeup-31786]
    Lip Liner31803Moved from [Makeup-31786]
    Lip Plumper172029Moved from [Makeup-31786]
    Lip Primer172031Moved from [Makeup-31786]
    Lip Stain172030Moved from [Makeup-31786]
    Lipstick31804Moved from [Makeup-31786]
    Other172028New Category
   Makeup Bags & Cases36413Relocated within Parent
   Cosmetic Bags36414Combined into [Makeup Bags & Cases-36413]
   Makeup Sets & Kits107956New Category
  -Makeup Tools & Accessories36409Relocated within Parent
    Brushes82597New Category
    Eyelash Tools82599Relocated within Parent
    Makeup Mirrors106256Renamed from [Compact Mirrors]
    Sharpeners172014New Category
    Sponges, Applicators & Cotton159806New Category
    Other159807Relocated within Parent
    Blush Brushes82603Combined into [Brushes-82597]
    Concealer Brushes116172Combined into [Brushes-82597]
    Eye Shadow Brushes82598Combined into [Brushes-82597]
    Eyeliner Brushes82600Combined into [Brushes-82597]
    Foundation Brushes82602Combined into [Brushes-82597]
    Powder Brushes116171Combined into [Brushes-82597]
    Sets36412Combined into [Brushes-82597]
   Travel & Sample Sizes72855New Category
   Mixed Makeup11985 
 -Medical, Mobility & Disability11778Renamed from [Medical, Special Needs]
   Blood Pressure Monitors75072 
   Braces, Supports19264 
   Glucose Monitors72874 
   Hand Rails171537 
   Hearing Assistance37821 
   Incontinence Aids36440 
   Pill Boxes122742Combined into [Pill Boxes-75041]
   Pulse Monitors171538 
   Shower Seats129588 
   Stair Lifts75066 
   Test Strips72877 
   Toilet Seats171540 
   Walkers & Canes28176 
   Wheelchair Ramps75067 
 -Nail Care, Manicure & Pedicure47945Renamed from [Nail Care & Polish]
   Airbrushing178959New Category
   Artificial Nails & Tips75055Renamed from [Acrylic Nails & Tips]
   Cuticle Treatments82610 
   Electric Files & Tools178960New Category
   Foot Creams & Treatments36431Renamed from [Foot Care]
   Gel & Shellac Polish178961 
   Hand Cream36432 
   Manicure/Pedicure Tools & Kits11872Renamed from [Files]
   Nail Art107876Relocated within Parent
   Nail Dryers & UV/LED Lamps67653 
   Nail Polish11873 
   Nail Polish Remover47940 
   Nail Practice & Display112563New Category
   Spas, Baths & Supplies36430New Category
   Storage & Empty Containers107965New Category
   Foot Spas33163Combined into [Spas, Baths & Supplies-36430]
   Manicure Kits31812Combined into [Manicure/Pedicure Tools & Kits-11872]
   Nail Tips112562Combined into [Artificial Nails & Tips-75055]
   Pedicure Kits67654Combined into [Manicure/Pedicure Tools & Kits-11872]
   Treatments154947Combined into [Foot Creams & Treatments-36431]
   Other Nail Care11870 
 +Natural & Homeopathic Remedies67659 
 +Over-the-Counter Medicine75036 
 -Salon & Spa Equipment177731New Category
   Backwash Units & Shampoo Bowls117338New Category
   Hair & Makeup Mannequins177732New Category
   Magnifying Lamps177733New Category
   Professional Facial Machines177734New Category
   Professional Styling Tools177735New Category
   Rolling Makeup Cases75053New Category
   Salon Chairs & Dryers177737New Category
   Scissors & Shears101915Moved from [Shaving & Hair Removal-31762] Renamed from [Scissors]
   Sterilizers & Towel Warmers177739New Category
   Styling Capes & Gowns96428New Category
   Stylist Stations & Furniture177738New Category
   Salon & Spa Supplies177740New Category
   Other177741New Category
 -Shaving & Hair Removal31762Renamed from [Hair Removal & Shaving]
   Aftershave & Pre-Shave47920 
   Clippers, Trimmers67408 
   Creams, Lotions, Sprays31763 
  -Electric Shavers180512New Category
    Men's Shavers11844New Category
    Women's Shavers106317New Category
    Shaver Parts & Accessories139844New Category
   Electric Shavers31765Combined into [Shaver Parts & Accessories-139844]
   Epilators & Electrolysis37802 
   Hair Removal Creams & Sprays47925New Category
   Laser Hair Removal & IPL159795 
  +Razors & Razor Blades179841 
   Shaving & Grooming Kits & Sets106315New Category
   Shaving Brushes & Mugs168191New Category
   Straight Razors159756Moved from [Razors & Razor Blades-179841]
   Waxing Supplies82565 
   Other Hair Removal11840 
 -Skin Care11863 
   Acne, Blemish Control29618 
   Blotting Paper75006New Category
   Cleansers & Toners177765 
   Exfoliators, Scrubs29582 
   Eye Treatments & Masks177764 
   Home Skin Care Devices177767New Category
   Lightening Creams40088Relocated within Parent
   Lip Balm & Treatments36870Moved from [Makeup-31786]
   Makeup Remover172032 
   Masks & Peels21022 
   Men's Skin Care78062Combined into [Other-11862]
   Night Treatments101926 
   Samples, Trial Size72772 
   Sets, Kits67500 
 +Sun Protection & Tanning31772 
 -Tattoos & Body Art33914 
   Henna Paste & Powder60890New Category
   Piercing Supplies & Kits33916Relocated within Parent
   Tattoo Complete Kits57589New Category
   Tattoo Inks57586New Category
   Tattoo Machines & Guns33917Relocated within Parent
   Tattoo Needles, Grips & Tips179276New Category
   Tattoo Removal Machines168192 
   Tattoo Supplies33918 
   Temporary Tattoos33919 
 +Vision Care31414 
 +Weight Management31817 
 +Wholesale Beauty, Health40965 
+Home Appliances20710 
+Home Entertainment172176 
+Home & Garden11700 
-Jewellery & Watches281 
 -Body Jewellery15124Moved from [Body Piercing Jewellery-32050] Renamed from [Jewellery]
   Body Chains98526Renamed from [Belly Chains]
  -Body Piercing Jewellery32050Moved from [Jewellery & Watches-281] Renamed from [Body Piercing & Jewellery]
    Piercing Guns161736Combined into [Piercing Supplies & Kits-33916]
    Piercing Needles161737Combined into [Piercing Supplies & Kits-33916]
    Other Body Piercing Items10969Combined into [Body Piercing Jewellery-32050]
   Fake & Cheater Body Jewellery177769New Category
   Replacement Parts136990New Category
   Retainers98542Relocated within Parent
   Other110399New Category
   Ear Plugs161734Combined into [Body Piercing Jewellery-32050]
   Eyebrow Jewellery139988Combined into [Body Piercing Jewellery-32050]
   Flesh Tunnels161735Combined into [Body Piercing Jewellery-32050]
   Lip Jewellery111523Combined into [Body Piercing Jewellery-32050]
   Navel Jewellery98537Combined into [Body Piercing Jewellery-32050]
   Nipple Jewellery139996Combined into [Body Piercing Jewellery-32050]
   Nose Jewellery140003Combined into [Body Piercing Jewellery-32050]
   Taper Insertion Pins161739Combined into [Piercing Supplies & Kits-33916]
   Tongue Jewellery140017Combined into [Body Piercing Jewellery-32050]
 +Children's Jewellery84605 
 +Engagement & Wedding91427 
 -Fashion Jewellery10968 
  +Charm Bracelets92744 
   Necklaces & Pendants155101 
   Toe Rings140010Moved from [Body Jewellery-15124]
   Other Fashion Jewellery499 
 -Fine Jewellery4196 
   Bangles92699Combined into [Bracelets-10975]
   Charms & Charm Bracelets140956New Category
   Necklaces & Pendants164329 
   Other Fine Jewellery505 
 +Handcrafted Jewellery110633 
 -Jewellery Boxes & Organisers10321 
   Jewellery Boxes3820Relocated within Parent
   Jewellery Holders & Organisers168159New Category
   Other164372Relocated within Parent
   Displays67703Combined into [Jewellery Holders & Organisers-168159]
   Gift Bags161728Combined into [Gift Boxes-67696]
 -Jewellery Design & Repair164352 
   Cleaners & Polish67720 
    Bead Caps67715New Category
    Chains10322Moved from [Jewellery Boxes & Organisers-10321]
    Clasps & Hooks67716New Category
    Connectors67717New Category
    Cord67718Relocated within Parent
    Crimp & End Beads164354New Category
    Jump Rings & Split Rings164355New Category
    Pins & Needles67712New Category
    Spacers67713New Category
  Loose Gemstones110742 
 +Men's Jewellery10290 
  Tribal, Ethnic Jewellery11312 
 +Unisex Jewellery167309 
  Vintage, Antique Jewellery48579 
 -Watch Accessories10325Combined into [Watches-14324]
   Cases, Displays29529Combined into [Boxes, Cases & Watch Winders-173695]
   Chatelaines10327Combined into [Other-10324]
   Manuals, Catalogues, Brochures29530Combined into [Manuals, Catalogues, Brochures-93720]
   Winders98629Combined into [Boxes, Cases & Watch Winders-173695]
   Wristwatches31387Relocated within Parent
  +Pocket Watches3937Relocated within Parent
   Key Ring Watches173699New Category
   Nurse Watches173697New Category
   Pendant Watches10329Moved from [Watch Accessories-10325] Renamed from [Pendants]
   Ring Watches173698New Category
   Watch Bands98624Moved from [Watch Accessories-10325]
   Watch Batteries98625Moved from [Watch Accessories-10325] Renamed from [Batteries]
   Boxes, Cases & Watch Winders173695New Category
  -Parts, Tools & Guides173696New Category
   -Parts63200Moved from [Jewellery & Watches-281] Renamed from [Wristwatch Tools & Parts]
     Bezels, Inserts57714 
     Chains10326Moved from [Watch Accessories-10325]
     Crystals57715Relocated within Parent
     Fobs10328Moved from [Watch Accessories-10325]
     Movements57720Relocated within Parent
     Other10324Moved from [Watch Accessories-10325]
     Other10363Combined into [Other-180246]
    Repair Kits, Tools117039Moved from [Parts-63200]
    Watches for Parts165144Moved from [Parts-63200]
    Manuals, Catalogues, Brochures93720New Category
    Other180246New Category
 +Wholesale, Bulk Lots40131 
  CDs & DVDs176984 
  Records176985Relocated within Parent
  Other Formats618Renamed from [Other]
  Digital Music172534Combined into [Other Formats-618]
  Wholesale, Bulk Lots31608Relocated within Parent
+Musical Instruments619 
-Pet Supplies1281Moved from [Home & Garden-11700]
  Backyard Poultry & Waterfowl177801New Category
   Cat Grass & Loose Catnip177785New Category
   Cat Treats63071New Category
   Collars & Tags66763Relocated within Parent
   Dishes, Feeders & Fountains177784New Category
   Feeders66764Combined into [Dishes, Feeders & Fountains-177784]
   Doors & Flaps117421New Category
   Flea, Tick Remedies20738 
   Furniture & Scratchers20740New Category
   Grooming177786Relocated within Parent
   Litter116363New Category
   Litter Trays100411 
   Air Stones100355New Category
   Aquariums20755Relocated within Parent
   Air Pumps100351New Category
   Air Pumps46312Combined into [Air Pumps-100351]
   Cleaning & Maintenance148983New Category
   CO2 Equipment100345New Category
   Filtration & Heating46309Combined into [Filters-46310]
   Feeders63034New Category
   Filters46310New Category
   Filter Media & Accessories126476New Category
   Food20759Relocated within Parent
   Gravel & Substrate46439New Category
   Health Care177798New Category
   Heaters & Chillers177799New Category
   Meters & Regulators117435 
   Reverse Osmosis & Deionization77658New Category
   Tubing & Valves177800Relocated within Parent
   UV Sterilizers117434New Category
   Water Pumps77641New Category
   Water Tests & Treatment77659New Category
   Fish Bowls134749Combined into [Aquariums-20755]
  Reptiles1285Relocated within Parent
  Small Animals26696New Category
  Ferrets46307Combined into [Small Animals-26696]
  Rabbits63513Combined into [Small Animals-26696]
  Rats116889Combined into [Small Animals-26696]
  Pet Memorials & Urns116391New Category
  Other Pet Supplies301 
-Phones & Accessories15032 
  Mobile Phones9355 
 +Mobile Accessories9394 
  Mobile Phone Parts43304 
  Prepaid Recharge Cards29778 
  Smart Watch Accessories180899New Category
  Smart Watches178893 
 +Home Telephones & Accessories164874 
  Dummy Mobile Phones136699 
  Vintage Phones42427 
 +Wholesale, Bulk Lots45065 
+Pottery, Glass870 
-Sporting Goods888 
 +AFL, Australian Rules109938 
  Air Hockey36275 
 +Boxing, Martial Arts & MMA179767 
 +Baseball & Softball16021 
 +Boating, Water Sports23806 
 +Bowls (Lawn)117103 
 +Bowling (Tenpin)20846 
 +Camping, Hiking16034 
 +Climbing Equipment30105 
 -Fitness, Running & Yoga15273 
  +Cardio Equipment28059 
  -Clothing & Accessories158913 
   +Men's Clothing40884 
   +Women's Clothing40883 
   +Youth Clothing180091 
    Hats & Headwear158918New Category
    Running Gloves179810New Category
    Safety & Reflective Gear158951New Category
    Sauna Suits179812New Category
    Sunglasses151571New Category
    Support & Protective Gear158919New Category
    Sweatbands179811New Category
    Other158920New Category
   Fitness DVDs109130 
  +Fitness Equipment & Gear28064 
  +Fitness Technology44075 
   Gym Bags68816 
  +Sports Supplements97033 
  +Strength Training28066 
  +Yoga & Pilates158927 
   Other Fitness, Running & Yoga13362 
 +Horse Racing170497 
 +Horse Riding3153 
  Ice Hockey40154 
 +Motor Racing19292 
 +NRL, Rugby League123687 
 +Rugby Union21563 
 +Scuba, Snorkeling16052 
  Sky Diving106980 
 +Skiing, Snowboarding36259 
 +Snooker, Pool, Billiards21567 
 +Squash, Racquetball62166 
  Summer, Winter Games27291 
 +Table Tennis97072 
  Wholesale, Bulk Lots26423 
 +Other Sports Equipment40141 
 +Other Sports Memorabilia39991 
+Tickets, Travel11730 
-Toys, Hobbies220 
 +Action Figures246 
 +Bean Bag Toys49019 
  Building Toys18991Relocated within Parent
  Character Toys2624 
 +Classic Toys19016 
 -Diecast Vehicles222 
  -Accessories, Parts & Display180278New Category
    Buildings & Set Parts171137New Category
    Dioramas166800New Category
    Display Cases & Stands171135New Category
    Figures180279New Category
    Stickers, Decals & Iron-Ons171136New Category
    Track2500New Category
    Vehicle Parts171134New Category
    Other7315New Category
   Accessories171133Combined into [Other-7315]
  -Aircraft & Spacecraft180268New Category
    Contemporary Manufacture19029New Category
    Vintage Manufacture2650New Category
  -Boats & Ships180269New Category
    Contemporary Manufacture19033New Category
    Vintage Manufacture19034New Category
  -Cars: Racing171127New Category
    Formula 1 Cars180270New Category
    Rally Cars180271New Category
    Sport & Touring Cars180272New Category
    Other45354New Category
  -Cars, Trucks & Vans180273New Category
    Contemporary Manufacture180506New Category
    Vintage Manufacture180507New Category
  -Construction Equipment180274New Category
    Contemporary Manufacture152934New Category
    Vintage Manufacture740New Category
  -Farm Vehicles180275New Category
    Contemporary Manufacture156623New Category
    Vintage Manufacture741New Category
  -Motorcycles & ATVs180276New Category
    Contemporary Manufacture45348New Category
    Vintage Manufacture742New Category
   Tanks & Military Vehicles171138New Category
   Aircraft19028Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-19029]
   Bikes19030Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-45348]
   Boats19032Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-19033]
   Cars, Trucks & Vans19036Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-180506]
   Construction Vehicles156621Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-152934]
   Farm Vehicles156622Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-156623]
   Other Diecast1042Combined into [Other Diecast-171132]
  -Other Vehicles180277New Category
    Contemporary Manufacture180533New Category
    Vintage Manufacture180534New Category
   Other Diecast171132New Category
 +Educational Toys11731 
 -Games233New Category
  -Board & Traditional Games2550Moved from [Toys, Hobbies-220] Renamed from [Board Games]
    Vintage Manufacture19100New Category
    Contemporary Manufacture180349New Category
    Backgammon2551Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-180349]
    Checkers2553Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-180349]
    Chess19087Combined into [Other-180348]
    Dominoes2555Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-180349]
    Mahjong19091Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-180349]
    Monopoly19093Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-180349]
    Pictionary106625Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-180349]
    Risk19096Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-180349]
    Scrabble19097Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-180349]
    Sport158736Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-180349]
    Trivia19098Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-180349]
    Yahtzee, Dice Games2539Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-180349]
    Other Board Games235Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-180349]
  -Card Games & Poker180350New Category
    Card Games-Vintage146004New Category
   -Card Games-Contemporary19082Moved from [Trading Card Games-2536] Renamed from [Games]
     Bridge19083Combined into [Card Games-Vintage-146004]
     Cribbage19084Combined into [Card Games-Vintage-146004]
     Poker19085Combined into [Card Games-Contemporary-19082]
     Uno146003Combined into [Card Games-Vintage-146004]
   -Accessories130919Moved from [Trading Card Games-2536] Combined into [Card Games-Contemporary-19082]
     Card Shufflers63748Combined into [Other-2552]
     Chips35743Combined into [Poker Chips-166570]
     Tables35749Combined into [Card Tables & Tabletops-166572]
     Other Accessories130920Combined into [Other-2552]
    Playing Cards166571New Category
    Poker Chips166570New Category
    Card Tables & Tabletops166572New Category
    Other2552New Category
  -Chess40852New Category
    Vintage Chess19088New Category
    Contemporary Chess40856New Category
    Electronic Chess155339New Category
    Chess Accessories180347New Category
    Other180348New Category
   Electronic Games2540Moved from [Toys, Hobbies-220]
  -Miniatures16486Moved from [Toys, Hobbies-220]
    Dungeons & Dragons158713 
    Lord of the Rings44011 
    Star Wars158718 
    +40K44408Relocated within Parent
     Other Warhammer7389 
    Other Miniatures2537 
   Role Playing Games2543Moved from [Toys, Hobbies-220]
   Other234New Category
 +Glow Products111882 
  Magic11739Relocated within Parent
 +Model Building1188 
  Model Trains479Combined into [Other-487]
 -Model Trains180250New Category
  -Power & Control180339New Category
    Boosters180340New Category
    Decoders180342New Category
    Digital Control Devices158704New Category
    Speed Controllers180343New Category
    Transformers180344New Category
    Control Accessories180341New Category
    Other31109New Category
  -Z Scale19116New Category
    Carriages120271New Category
    Locomotives96856New Category
    Passenger Cars122608New Category
    Starter Sets & Packs81094New Category
    Track120272New Category
   -Parts & Accessories81083New Category
     Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges120273New Category
     Catenaries81088New Category
     Decals180261New Category
     Empty Boxes180263New Category
     Figures & People81092New Category
     Lamps & Lights81087New Category
     Parts & Spares180262New Category
     Scenery & Trees81084New Category
     Signals81090New Category
     Other30671New Category
    Other7276New Category
  -N Scale19119Moved from [Model Trains-479]
    Carriages69814Relocated within Parent
    Locomotives69812Relocated within Parent
    Passenger Cars122564New Category
    Track69813Relocated within Parent
    Starter Sets & Packs22547New Category
   -Parts & Accessories81055New Category
     Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges99814New Category
     Catenaries31101New Category
     Decals165978New Category
     Empty Boxes180253New Category
     Figures & People9045New Category
     Lamps & Lights31100New Category
     Parts & Spares180254New Category
     Scenery & Trees31104New Category
     Signals31103New Category
     Other13294New Category
    Scenery69810Combined into [Scenery & Trees-31104]
    Other486Renamed from [Other Trains, Parts]
  -TT Scale30654New Category
    Carriages81061New Category
    Locomotives81056New Category
    Passenger Cars81062New Category
    Starter Sets & Packs81063New Category
    Track99825New Category
   -Parts & Accessories81064New Category
     Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges99830New Category
     Catenaries81069New Category
     Decals180258New Category
     Empty Boxes180260New Category
     Figures & People81073New Category
     Lamps & Lights81068New Category
     Parts & Spares180259New Category
     Scenery & Trees160560New Category
     Signals81071New Category
     Other30670New Category
    Other9041New Category
  -HO Scale19128Moved from [Model Trains-479]
    Locomotives97170Relocated within Parent
    Passenger Cars122569New Category
    Starter Sets & Packs22548New Category
    Track97168New Category
   -Parts & Accessories180280New Category
     Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges117369Moved from [Scenery-11645] Renamed from [Buildings]
     Catenaries31108New Category
     Decals165982New Category
     Empty Boxes159336New Category
     Figures & People11647Moved from [Scenery-11645] Renamed from [Figures]
     Lamps & Lights31107New Category
     Parts & Spares180281New Category
     Scenery & Trees11648New Category
     Signals122570New Category
     Other11644Moved from [Scenery-11645] Renamed from [Other Scenery]
   -Scenery11645Combined into [HO Scale-19128]
     Grass161983Combined into [Scenery & Trees-11648]
     Lamp Posts161984Combined into [Lamps & Lights-31107]
     Trees161985Combined into [Scenery & Trees-11648]
    Track19142Combined into [Track-97168]
    Other484Renamed from [Other Trains, Parts]
  -OO Scale122601New Category
    Carriages122605Moved from [OO Scale-152922]
    Locomotives122604Moved from [OO Scale-152922]
    Passenger Cars122602New Category
    Starter Sets & Packs112505New Category
    Track69820Moved from [OO Scale-152922]
   -Parts & Accessories180314New Category
     Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges69818New Category
     Catenaries180315New Category
     Decals180319New Category
     Empty Boxes180321New Category
     Figures & People180316New Category
     Lamps & Lights180317New Category
     Parts & Spares180320New Category
     Scenery & Trees180318New Category
     Signals108955New Category
     Other161152New Category
    Other4978Moved from [OO Scale-152922] Renamed from [Other Trains, Parts]
  -OO Scale152922Moved from [Model Trains-479] Combined into [OO Scale-122601]
    Scenery69817Combined into [Scenery & Trees-180318]
  -S Scale19143New Category
    Carriages180286New Category
    Locomotives180283New Category
    Passenger Cars180282New Category
    Starter Sets & Packs180285New Category
    Track180284New Category
   -Parts & Accessories180287New Category
     Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges180288New Category
     Catenaries180289New Category
     Decals165985New Category
     Empty Boxes180295New Category
     Figures & People180290New Category
     Lamps & Lights180291New Category
     Parts & Spares180294New Category
     Scenery & Trees180292New Category
     Signals180293New Category
     Other180510New Category
    Other16509New Category
  -O Scale19145Moved from [Model Trains-479]
    Carriages122596Relocated within Parent
    Locomotives122591Relocated within Parent
    Passenger Cars122586New Category
    Starter Sets & Packs81042New Category
    Track47437Relocated within Parent
   -Parts & Accessories81043New Category
     Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges99807New Category
     Catenaries81049New Category
     Decals165987New Category
     Empty Boxes180252New Category
     Figures & People81053New Category
     Lamps & Lights81048New Category
     Parts & Spares180251New Category
     Scenery & Trees81045New Category
     Signals81051New Category
     Other31097New Category
    Scenery47433Combined into [Scenery & Trees-81045]
    Other485Renamed from [Other Trains, Parts]
  -1 Gauge13290New Category
    Locomotives81012New Category
    Carriages81017New Category
    Passenger Cars81018New Category
    Starter Sets & Packs81021New Category
    Track99797New Category
   -Parts & Accessories81022New Category
     Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges99791New Category
     Catenaries81027New Category
     Decals180255New Category
     Empty Boxes180257New Category
     Figures & People81031New Category
     Lamps & Lights81026New Category
     Parts & Spares180256New Category
     Scenery & Trees81023New Category
     Signals81029New Category
     Other81034New Category
    Other13289New Category
  -G Scale19151Moved from [Model Trains-479]
    Carriages122580Relocated within Parent
    Locomotives122576Relocated within Parent
    Passenger Cars122575New Category
    Starter Sets & Packs80990New Category
    Track122578Relocated within Parent
   -Parts & Accessories80979New Category
     Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges122574New Category
     Catenaries80985New Category
     Decals165989New Category
     Empty Boxes180265New Category
     Figures & People80989New Category
     Lamps & Lights80984New Category
     Parts & Spares180264New Category
     Scenery & Trees80981New Category
     Signals80987New Category
     Other30651New Category
    Scenery122573Combined into [Scenery & Trees-80981]
  -Standard Scale180508New Category
    Carriages180326New Category
    Locomotives180323New Category
    Passenger Cars180322New Category
    Starter Sets & Packs180325New Category
    Track180324New Category
   -Parts & Accessories180327New Category
     Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges180328New Category
     Catenaries180329New Category
     Decals180334New Category
     Empty Boxes180336New Category
     Figures & People180330New Category
     Lamps & Lights180331New Category
     Parts & Spares180335New Category
     Scenery & Trees180332New Category
     Signals180333New Category
     Other180337New Category
    Other180338New Category
  -Narrow Gauge180509New Category
    Carriages80996New Category
    Locomotives80991New Category
    Passenger Cars80997New Category
    Starter Sets & Packs80998New Category
    Other9037New Category
  -Rare Scales180296New Category
    Carriages180301New Category
    Locomotives180298New Category
    Passenger Cars180297New Category
    Starter Sets & Packs180300New Category
    Track180299New Category
   -Parts & Accessories180302New Category
     Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges180303New Category
     Catenaries180304New Category
     Decals180309New Category
     Empty Boxes180311New Category
     Figures & People180305New Category
     Lamps & Lights180306New Category
     Parts & Spares180310New Category
     Scenery & Trees180307New Category
     Signals180308New Category
     Other180312New Category
    Other180313New Category
   Storage & Displays114299New Category
  -Books & Guides9047New Category
    Catalogues99847New Category
    Books9049New Category
    Magazines99856New Category
    Other9051New Category
  -Media161986Moved from [Model Trains-479] Combined into [Books & Guides-9047]
    Catalogues161988Combined into [Catalogues-99847]
    Books161987Combined into [Books-9049]
    Magazines131Combined into [Magazines-99856]
    Other Media84240Combined into [Other-9051]
   Toy Trains84432Moved from [Model Trains-479]
   Other487Moved from [Model Trains-479]
 +Outdoor Toys11743 
 +Powered Toys19071 
 +Preschool Toys & Pretend Play19169 
 +Promotional Toys19077 
 +Radio Control2562 
  Ride-On Toys19023 
 +Robots, Space Toys19192 
 +Slot Cars2616 
  Stuffed Animals436 
  Toy Soldiers2631 
 -Trading Card Games2536Renamed from [Card Games]
   Dragonball Z44040Moved from [Card Games-Contemporary-19082]
  +Magic the Gathering19107Moved from [Card Games-Contemporary-19082]
   Pokemon2610Moved from [Card Games-Contemporary-19082]
  +Yu-Gi-Oh!31393Moved from [Card Games-Contemporary-19082]
   Other Card Games2535Moved from [Card Games-Contemporary-19082]
 +Vintage, Antique Toys, Games717 
  Wooden Toys1197 
 +Wholesale, Bulk Lots40149 
-Vehicle Parts & Accessories131090 
  Aircraft Parts, Accessories26435 
 +Boat Parts, Accessories26443 
  Caravan Parts, Accessories50067 
 -Car, Truck Parts6030 
  +Air Conditioning, Heating33542 
  +Air Intake, Fuel Delivery33549 
  -Audio, Video38635Combined into [Other Vehicle Electronics, GPS-1498]
    Adaptors171098Combined into [Adaptors-60208]
    Amplifiers38638Combined into [Car Amplifiers-18795]
    Cables, Wiring & Kits169345Combined into [Other Car A/V Installation-50552]
    In-Dash DVD Players38649Combined into [Other Car Video-48605]
    Monitors169394Combined into [Other Car Video-48605]
    Subwoofers38647Combined into [Car Subwoofers-18805]
    Brake Component Packages173511New Category
    Brake Hoses33561 
    Brake Pads33567 
    Brake Shoes61739 
    Caliper Parts33563 
    Handbrake Cables33568 
    Handbrake Handles174078 
    Master Cylinders33566 
    Wheel Cylinders33571 
  +Charging, Starting Systems33572 
  +Car Care & Cleaning72200 
  +Cooling Systems33599 
  +Decals, Badges, Detailing50444 
  +Electric Vehicle Parts177701 
  +ECUs, Chips, Cruise Control33594 
  +Engines, Components33612 
    Cat Converters33629 
    Exhaust Systems33630 
    Manifolds & Headers33632Renamed from [Manifolds]
    Pipes & Tips33633 
  +Ignition Systems33687 
  +Lights, Indicators33707 
   Number Plates421 
  +Performance Parts33739 
  +Safety, Security33718 
  +Suspension, Steering33579 
   Vintage Car & Truck Parts10073 
  +Wheels, Tyres33743 
   Wholesale, Bulk Lots40019 
 +Clothing, Merchandise, Media6747 
  Go Kart Accessories64657 
 -Golf Car Parts & Accessories170140New Category
   Golf Car Cables & Parts158940New Category
   Golf Car Chargers158941New Category
   Golf Car Enclosures158942New Category
   Golf Car Windshields158943New Category
   Golf Car Wheels & Tyres171111New Category
   Other Golf Car Parts75208New Category
 -Motorcycle Parts, Accessories14780 
  +Air Intake & Fuel Delivery180028 
  +Brakes & Suspension49790 
   Classic, Vintage Parts35558 
   Decals, Emblems35570 
  +Drivetrain & Transmission180029 
  -Electrical & Ignition179853 
    Alternators & Parts177929 
    CDIs & ECUs177933 
    Distributors & Parts177949 
    Fuses & Fuse Boxes177931 
    Ignition Coils177952 
    Ignition Cables & Wires177953 
    Spark Plugs177958 
    Starter Motors & Relays177959 
    Stators, Magnetos & Parts177954 
    Wires & Electrical Cabling177932 
    Other Electrical & Ignition177961Renamed from [Other Electrical Components]
  -Electronics & Navigation180524New Category
    Amplifiers180525New Category
    Audio Systems180526New Category
    GPS, Navigation180527New Category
    Headsets180528New Category
    Intercoms180529New Category
    Speakers180530New Category
    Replacement Parts180531New Category
    Other Electronics & Navigation180532New Category
  +Engines & Engine Parts171107 
  +Engine Cooling177962 
  +Exhausts & Exhaust Systems180027 
  +Instruments & Gauges180033 
  +Lighting & Indicators180034 
   Luggage & Saddlebags84146 
   Scooter Parts122292Combined into [Scooter Parts-84149]
  +Wheels, Tyres & Tubes180035 
  Pocket Bike Accessories10064 
  Scooter Parts84149New Category
  Trailer Parts36632Relocated within Parent
 -Vehicle Electronics & GPS3270New Category
   GPS, Navigation169362Moved from [Car, Truck Parts-6030] Renamed from [Navigation, GPS]
  -Car Audio175716New Category
    Car Amplifiers18795New Category
    Car Audio In-Dash Units39754New Category
    Car CD Changers39746New Category
    Car Speakers & Speaker Systems14936Moved from [Audio, Video-38635] Renamed from [Speakers]
    Car Subwoofers18805New Category
    Signal Processors79839New Category
    Other Car Audio175717New Category
  -Car Video48604New Category
    Car Monitors w/Built-in Player175712New Category
    Car Monitors w/o Player48606New Category
    Rear View Monitors/Cams & Kits149976New Category
    Video In-Dash Units w/GPS79834New Category
    Video In-Dash Units w/o GPS79835New Category
    Other Car Video48605New Category
  -Car Audio & Video Installation32806New Category
    Amplifier Kits71527New Category
    Capacitors75386New Category
    Connectors & Terminals50549New Category
    Dashboard Installation Kits85806New Category
    Distribution Blocks50550New Category
    Fuses & Fuse Holders50551New Category
    Interconnect Cables94844New Category
    Power & Speaker Wire32810New Category
    Speaker/Sub. Enclosures50564New Category
    Speaker/Sub. Grills & Accs67773New Category
    Wire Harnesses64578New Category
    Other Car A/V Installation50552New Category
  -Car Electronics Accessories60207New Category
    Adaptors60208New Category
    Audio/Video Remotes12040New Category
    Bluetooth, Handsfree Car Kits175714New Category
    Power Inverters58020New Category
    Remote Start Systems175713New Category
    Replacement Faceplates71535New Category
    Other Car Electronics Accs175715New Category
   Other Vehicle Electronics, GPS1498Moved from [Audio, Video-38635] Renamed from [Other]
+Video Games & Consoles1249 
-Lots More...99 
  Education, Learning16706 
  Funeral, Cemetery88739 
  Group Buy Listings172538 
 +Information Products102480 
  Mystery Boxes153545 
 +Religious Products102545 
 -Test Auctions14112 
  +eBay Test Only178348Relocated within Parent
  +Reserved Browse Testing Only98065Relocated within Parent