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Opportunity Economy Study

We’ve launched our study ‘The Opportunity Economy’, which measures optimism levels and what Aussie small to medium businesses want to achieve in 2017.

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The Opportunity Economy study reveals two thirds (64 per cent) of Small and Medium e-Businesses (SMeBS) are optimistic about their growth prospects over the next 12 months. South Australia tops the list of optimistic states, followed by Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

Findings show that regional SMeBS are helping to drive the Australian export economy with 19 per cent reaching 40 per cent or more sales via exporting vs. just 2 per cent for businesses in metro areas.


eBay's platform is reducing barriers for SMeBs by helping to:

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  • Export goods
  • Utilise promotional tools
  • Develop online marketing strategies
  • Connect to a large audience
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For more insights from the study click here.

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Disrupt - Bondi, New South Wales
Disrupt is an online business that allows users to customise and 
personalise their action sports equipment. Founded by Gary Elphick, the concept for Disrupt was born from his time as a surf and snowboard instructor and has turned from a small operation selling surfboards, to a worldwide company with offices in both the UK and USA. Being on eBay gave Disrupt an automatic audience and was a key factor in extending their international reach beyond traditional trade routes, as Gary and his team could make their product visible to customers on every continent. Exports now account for over 30% of Disrupt’s sales, with consumer engagement across the globe including Mexico, Italy Portugal, Israel and New Zealand.


“ Disrupt owes a lot of its international expansion and revenue growth to eBay. Having somewhere with thousands of customers allowed us a fast, efficient and agile way to test and then grow in the market.” - Gary, Disrupt
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Ivory & Deene - Summerhill, Tasmania
Ivory & Deene is an online luxury homewares retailer founded by Ruby 
and Peter Hodgman. What started as a side project for the pair who sold second hand items from around their home for additional income, has turned into a full time operation. Ruby and Peter now focus on Ivory & Deene full-time, sourcing and branding their own range of products. Exports now account for over 20 per cent of Ivory and Deene’s sales, with the duo pleasing customers in over 20 countries worldwide in locations as far as the United States and Europe.


“ Tasmania has a small population of around 515,000 making it difficult to reach a large domestic audience let alone one that is worldwide! Through the internet and eBay we have access to a global audience – helping drive our business. Owning an online business affords us the flexible lifestyle we’ve always wanted.” - Peter, Ivory & Deene
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