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Managing returns

Our returns process gives buyers and sellers a convenient and consistent way to return items. All return requests are initiated through My eBay and handled the same way.

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Free Returns to Help Boost Your Sales

We know offering free returns results in a higher conversion rate (up to 47%^) so during June and July eBay will be covering the cost of returns in some categories to help boost your sales.

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Buyers can initiate a return request for one of two reasons: either they don't believe they got what they ordered ("significantly not as described return"), or they've changed their mind about the item ("remorse return").

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If a buyer wants to return an item because they've changed their mind, you can decide whether to accept or decline their request provided you follow the returns policy stated in your listing.

The best approach is always to work with your buyer to find a suitable resolution that you're both happy with as they would more likely shop with you again and recommend you if they have a good shopping experience. Buyers can still leave Feedback and detailed seller ratings, so providing great customer service is always important and best practice.

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If a buyer believes they didn't get what they ordered, the request will fall under the eBay Money Back Guarantee process. Regardless of your return policy, you are required to work with your buyer to find a suitable resolution. If you can’t resolve it, either you or your buyer can ask eBay to step in and help. We'll do what we can to resolve the issue based on the information provided, including any photos of the item and the buyer's purchase history.

If eBay is asked to step in and help on the eBay Money Back Guarantee case and finds the seller responsible, it will be counted both as a transaction defect and toward your cases closed without seller resolution and may impact your seller level.

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Even if your stated return period and/or the eBay Money Back Guarantee window has closed, you should also be aware of your obligations under Australian Consumer Law with regard to accepting returns.

Learn about creating your return policy and using the return process.

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In your Returns summary in ‘My eBay’ you can see new requests, respond to buyers and check the status of a return – including when you can expect to receive the returned item and the due date for sending the buyer a refund.

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We'll keep you updated each step of the way and make it easy for you to complete any actions such as issuing a refund.

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Here's a snapshot of common reasons buyers give for a return and who's responsible for return costs:

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Return reason Who pays for return postage
Doesn’t fit As stated in seller’s return policy
Changed mind As stated in seller’s return policy
Found a better price As stated in seller’s return policy
Just didn’t like it As stated in seller’s return policy
Ordered by mistake As stated in seller’s return policy
Doesn’t work or defective Seller
Doesn’t match description or photos Seller
Wrong item sent Seller
Missing parts or accessories Seller
Arrived damaged Seller
Doesn’t seem authentic Seller
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When requesting a return on an item, buyers are asked to select a reason for their return. In those instances where the item they've received is the wrong one or doesn't match the description, doesn't seem authentic, or is damaged/ missing parts, the seller will be responsible for return postage costs.

Here's a closer look at the reasons buyers can give for a return and who's responsible for return costs:

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^ Our data indicates that when sellers who do not offer remorse returns start to offer 60-day, seller paid returns, they can expect to see on average a 47% increase in conversions. Conversion lift seen based on Q4 2016 data. Individual results may vary. eBay does not guarantee that each seller will experience the same lift.


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We know you’re busy running your business and dealing with returns can be a hassle at times. We also know if buyers aren’t happy with their item, they want to be able to return it easily to you.

We’ve partnered with ParcelPoint to come up with a returns solution that is easy for you and will keep your buyers happy.

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More on ParcelPoint Returns

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Buyers are 46% more likely to buy with the added security of Free Returns so why not go a step further and offer Free Returns.

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