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Integrating Your Website

Integration involves syncing the inventory from your website with your eBay Store. By integrating your website with eBay you can manage your inventory in bulk, receive payments and process orders easily, which can cut down on costs for your business.

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If you’re already selling on your website, integrating it with eBay allows you to sync the inventory from your existing website directly or by using a .csv/spreadsheet straight into your eBay Store. Our recommended partners can help make this easier, offering expert knowledge, support, solutions and less work for you.

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  • Ability to list in bulk and manage inventory across multiple channels
  • Easier payment and order processing
  • Greater cost-effectiveness
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Less impact from eBay system changes
  • Engagement with expert service providers and consultants
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Get in touch with our team to find out more

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Use the following third party solution providers and eBay listing tools to integrate your website.

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ecommerce platform listing solution ease of use inventory volume price
Shopify/BigCommerce eBay Link Simple Low Free
  Omnivore Simple Medium-Large Variable monthly fee
  inkFrog Simple Low-Medium Variable monthly fee
Magento Codisto Connect Simple Medium Variable monthly fee
  M2e Pro Advanced Large Variable monthly fee
  Omnivore Simple Medium-Large Variable monthly fee
Neto Neto Intermediate Any Variable monthly fee
WooCommerce eBay Sync Simple Any Free
  Codisto Connect Simple Any Variable monthly fee
  Omnivore Simple Medium-Large Variable monthly fee
Prestashop eBay Sync (basic integration only) Simple Low Free
OpenCart OpenBay Pro Advanced Medium Variable monthly fee
eCorner e.pages Simple Any Free
Bespoke/custom platform Channel Advisor Advanced High Variable monthly fee
  Intelligent Reach Advanced High Variable monthly fee
  Fusion Factory Advanced High Variable monthly fee
  Omnivore Simple Medium-Large Variable monthly fee
CSV Listing Tool eBay Sync Simple Low Free
  Codisto Xpress Lister Simple Low Free for 30 days, then variable monthly fee

NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list of all eCommerce platforms or listing solutions available in the market.


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Consider your circumstances and business practices in deciding whether and which solution provider is right for you.

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We have a suite of tools available to help you integrate your website with your eBay store.

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eBay Sync

eBay Sync is a tool developed by eBay that lets you list the products that are already in your online store onto eBay. eBay Sync will allow you to easily import all of your products onto eBay from your store with their product images, details and attributes. Currently available for use with Prestashop and WooCommerce, with further integration capabilities being developed.

Find out more about eBay Sync. 

eBay Link

Available for use with Shopify and BigCommerce, eBay Link is an integration tool that allows you to list products to eBay directly from your website, synchronise stock levels and manage both your eBay and online orders from your existing shopping cart.

eBay can be accessed via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Integrating your systems with eBay via APIs allows you to:
  • Save time by automating processes
  • Reduce the chance of errors
  • Process transactions in real time
  • Speed up transaction management
We are constantly updating our APIs so check back regularly to ensure you have the most up-to-date tools to manage your eBay business. 
eBay Developers Network

The eBay Developers Network provides useful resources to support systems integrators. For specific questions, paid support is available.

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Once you have integrated your website with your eBay store we have lots of different types of sales tools to help boost your business.

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