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Get to know some of our sellers and learn how to cash in on your passion

4wd enthusiast Andrew recently moved from New Zealand to Brisbane and has a passion for all things related to his Toyota Landcruiser.
Andrew enjoys researching, buying and selling car parts online as well as being an active member of the 4WD community.
Tammy and her daughter Chloe created an e-cookbook which helps with everyday eating with food intolerances.
PDF documents outlining the recipes and foods that are safe are sold on eBay to help others with similar food challenges.
Tracey is a young Mum who has started selling on eBay about 5 years ago. She trades classic cars and automotive parts.
Her move from trading on car shows to trading online has allowed her a wider reach, significant cost savings and more time to spend with her young family.
Wendy and Nicky are friends who wanted to get into a small business that they were both interested in.
Wendy and Nicky are both passionate about travel and love to share that passion with others via their eBay online travel store.
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