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Selling Manager

Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro are tools to help you to list, organise and manage your products efficiently on eBay. You’ll be able to list faster, create invoices and generate bulk Feedback. All features of Selling Manager (Pro) and more are in the Seller Hub and these features are available to new sellers. Current users of Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro can continue to use the existing programs.

Topics we'll cover


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Use the Quick edit pane to speed up editing. You can quickly edit listings one at a time while in the bulk listing tool. Maximise or hide the edit pane by clicking the icons in the top right corner of the screen.

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The listing that appears in the Quick edit pane is always associated with the highlighted row in the table. Select a different row to view and edit the fields for each listing.

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If you sell similar items or variations, simply copy an existing listing and edit where necessary.

To copy a listing, follow these simple steps:

  1. In My eBay, Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro, select the Active, Sold or Unsold view.
  2. Select the listing(s) to copy and click Sell Similar. This opens the listing tool with draft copies of the listing(s) selected.
  3. To create additional copies, select the listing you just created, click Create a copy and enter the number of additional copies.
  4. Make any edits or updates either:
    • Directly in the table - click the field you want to edit and start typing.
    • In bulk - select Edit fields from the drop-down menu. Choose the group and then select to edit the field in bulk or one listing at a time. Once you’ve made your changes, click Save and close.
    • Using the Quick edit pane – edit values like title, category, condition, item description and item specifics.

When you've finished, click Submit all to list or Save and continue later if you're not ready to submit your listings.

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Use the Customise columns feature to select and order the columns that are shown in the bulk listing tool. Find the Customise columns link in the top right corner of your bulk listing tool.

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Export listing data to CSV or PDF file.

Access the export tool from the Action drop-down in your bulk listing tool. Use the checkbox column on the left to select listings and then click Export to file.

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Draft listings allow you to save a listing to complete later. To access your saved drafts, go to Selling Manager in My eBay and click Drafts.

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