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Easy returns for everyone with ParcelPoint

Easy returns for everyone with ParcelPoint.

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Why use ParcelPoint?

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We know you’re busy running your business and dealing with returns can be a hassle at times. We also know if buyers aren’t happy with their item, they want to be able to return it easily to you.

We’ve partnered with ParcelPoint to come up with a returns solution that is easy for you and will keep your buyers happy.

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Buyers are 46% more likely to buy with the added security of Free Returns so why not go a step further and offer Free Returns.

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How it Works

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In some situations, buyers will see a different option for sending the item back, such as printing an Australia Post label. This could be because they live in an area where there are no ParcelPoint drop-off locations available, or because ParcelPoint can't deliver to your return address.

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ParcelPoint Prices

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The cost of using ParcelPoint depends on the size and weight of package being returned. Pricing information will appear when parcel size is entered on the ParcelPoint site. ParcelPoint Returns prices (inclusive of GST) are as follows:

500g $6.95
1kg $8.95
3kg $10.95
5kg $13.95
10kg $15.95

These prices cover returns between metropolitan and major regional areas, including interstate returns (e.g. Sydney to Perth). A remote location surcharge of up to $12.00 may apply if the seller is located in a remote area.

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Returns overview


Using ParcelPoint


When the item gets sent back