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Once it Sells - eBay

Once your item sells, it’s time to pack and post it off to its new home. Get tips on how to get your money quicker, print postage labels at home and how you’re protected as a seller below.

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Get the Most out of Your Sale

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If Your Item Doesn't Sell

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If your item doesn’t sell, no worries. Private sellers’ listings are set to relist up to three times for free – automatically.  To relist an item manually after the listing has ended: 
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  1. Go to My eBay > Activity > Unsold or Activity > Sold.  
  2. From the More actions drop-down menu to the right of the listing, select Relist.  
  3. Make any changes to your listing and save. 
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To improve your chance of selling, you can review and edit your listing after it has been relisted. We suggest to reduce your price, change postage options or improve the title, description or image quality to increase your chances of selling your item. Learn more about revising a listing. 

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