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How to List on eBay

The eBay app makes selling on eBay quick and easy. Take photos with your phone or tablet and load them straight to your listing. You can even scan product barcodes to automatically add item details to a listing and can save drafts so you can edit and finish later. Smart tools and software also means you’ll get guidance on pricing your items, the option to automatically relist if something doesn’t sell and discounted postage labels that you can easily print from home.

Topics we'll cover

Easy Listing with our App

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How to List With Your Phone or Tablet


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  1. Describe It: Your title grabs a buyer’s attention and should include words people might use to search for your item like brand, colour, size and condition. You can save time by auto filling product details by scanning the product barcode with your phone or tablet. 
  2. Add up to 12 Free Photos for Free: Take photos on your phone or tablet in the eBay app. If you list on your desktop, you can even pull photos into your listing from your mobile phone.
  3. Price It: Set a price for your item. When you are creating your listing, we may provide pricing recommendations based on items in a similar condition that sold on eBay to help improve your changes of selling your item. 
  4. Add Postage: Decide if local pick up is available for your item and if you’re happy to send it nationally and even overseas.
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How to Create Attention Grabbing Listings

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What to Learn Next

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Selling for the first time eBay
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Selling for the First Time

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Once it Sells eBay
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Once it Sells

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Tips Guides eBay
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Tips and Guides

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